Selecting a Counselor

What are appropriate question to ask when looking for a counselor? 

It is important to work with someone, you feel you “click” with. Since therapy is one of the most important experiences in your life, it is imperative that the relationship with the therapist feels safe and comfortable.

Some important questions to ask are:

Recovery through Counseling
  1. What are the therapist credentials?
  2. What is the therapist training and expertise in this field?
  3. How many years experience has the therapist had?
  4. What is the therapist approach to therapy?
  5. Does the therapist believe in medication, and if so, whom does she/he use for referrals?
  6. What are the therapist’s fees and policies regarding phone calls, cancelled appointments, number of sessions per week, length of a session, crisis management and expected duration of therapy.
  7. What are the limits of confidentiality and does the client understand what is confidential, what is not confidential, when a therapist has a duty to report and when the therapist has a duty to disclose information.
  8. What adjunctive therapies does the therapist utilize, i.e., referrals for group therapy, art therapy, bodywork, spirituality, nutrition, etc.. Does the therapist have a list of referrals?
  9. What are therapist’s goals for you?
  10. Does the therapist expect you to have goals and/or homework?