Why Dragonflies

The dragonfly represents transformation and is a symbol of the powerful self-healing potential we each possess. Since the dragonfly is seen as an agent of change, I feel it is appropriate symbol for therapy.

Dragonflies symbolize many things in different cultures, but often represent a maturing process or sense of self-realization. Tied to the wind, literally and figuratively, the dragonfly is seen as the symbolizing change, and because it can propel itself six directions, it is nimble at adapting to conditions and situations. Dragonflies have a short life which necessitates and embodies the goal of living the best life possible in the time accorded living in the moment.

Self-realization may be seen at the heart of this kind of imagery. Change and adaptation becomes the conduit to mental and emotional maturity with grace, as seen in the dragonfly’s ability to skim water with elegant strokes of iridescent wings. The light falling on these polychromatic wings changes into colors and perspectives that can be seen symbolically as the casting away of self-illusion for a clearer vision of one’s life.

Because of these attributes, dragonflies are seen as an agent of change , using the power and its elegance to symbolize our ability for self-realization.